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Related post: Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 18:28:40 -0400 From: Charles Baudot Subject: Question of Time Part 2"A QUESTION OF TIME" PART-2 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=\|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 13 \|/ \|/Jason, Ryan and myself, got back to the work shed without incident. I took the map out of the gym bag to look at where the kid's fathers were."Ryan," I said. "What is P.I.R.? Do you know?""I think I heard once," he said pointing. "It's something to do with your head."Something to do with your head...head...head."You mean psychiatric something or other?""Yeah, ls bbs pix Psychiatric Institute...something, something," video teen bbs he said.I looked on the paper where I had written the data."P.I.R.-- 4314 Crutchfield Street," I had written. Jason opened the map and brought his lantern closer. I began to study the map to get familiar with it and find Crutchfield Street. The city had not changed much in general shape, but it had stretched out more in 2090. The county line was much further out than it was in 1990. Tomorrow, I would assume my role as a "Teacher", and boldly access public transportation to Crutchfield Street and P.I.R. I needed to check out the lay of the land, so I could start Jason's, Ryan's, and Shaun's respective fathers in the direction of freedom. For now, I had to think of a lie to tell the security at P.I.R. so I could see the kid's fathers and look around.Ryan broke my train of thought, when he started to take off his clothes. I looked up at him with a questioning look, and could see his angelic face lit by the weak fluorescent glow of Jason's lantern."Want to join me, Charles?" He said. "I'm a little dirty."He didn't have to ask that twice. Jason stood up and took his lantern with him. He walked over to the platform, sat down, smiled at me, and turned the lamp off. I removed my clothes and walked with naked Ryan outside to the water hole.Ryan broke away from me, briefly, and I heard the noise of the zipper on the gym bag. I turned and looked around. I could sense Ryan moving around and then come toward me. He reached out and touched me on the arm. I stopped, took his forearm and found his hand. I placed his hand in mine and squeezed gently."Hello, my friend," I said. "What's going on?"Ryan didn't say anything. He just pulled non nude series bbs gently on me in the direction of the water hole.When we got to the rim of the water hole, it was still warm from the heat of the day and the sky was overcast. There was some residual light from the town reflecting off the low hanging clouds. I could see the outline of the hole clearly. I heard Ryan drop something on the ground beside him. I looked around to see a large towel and a container of body lotion. I knew what Ryan had in mind, but I didn't say anything. This was going to be his surprise for me. I didn't want to spoil it. Ryan tugged on my hand and headed down the bank of the water hole. I followed, and we went into the water, naked Ryan and me.I released my hand from Ryan's and began to swim around. Ryan dove under the water and playfully started to pick at me, just wanting to start something so I would stop and try to retaliate and pay attention to him. Ryan got too close, so I lashed out and gave him a quick goose in his little butt. I heard him squeal and come quickly to the surface."HEY!" He said.I stopped nude boy bbs swimming and reached out with my legs to touch bottom. Ryan was in front of me."Hey, what?" I said.Ryan laughed and splashed water in my face. He then dove under the water, forced himself through my legs and came up behind me. This time, he grabbed me around the waist and held tight."Think you got me, huh," I said as I splashed water behind me, bbs klass trying to get back at him.Ryan had turned his head to the side and buried it in the small of my back. He relaxed his bear grip on me and moved his right hand down my abdomen until he found my hard penis. Ryan explored my member with tenderness, every inch. He pulled and pushed it around. He explored the tip more, trying to figure the difference between my cut, and his un-cut, member."Jason told me this was normal." Ryan said as he gently squeezed my hard penis."What else did he tell you?" I said."He told me you could help me understand," Ryan said. " He told me how you helped him understand."I had expected this situation, on the one hand, yet I hadn't on the other. Ryan had been procuring most of the supplies. He was the one that discovered the space behind the walls. How was it that he was so "street wise", yet deficient in his knowledge of the basics of life?"Well," I said. "I can certainly do that for you Ryan."I turned myself around to face him. I reached down, touched my hand to his chin and tilted his head back. In the eerie light reflecting from the low clouds, I looked into his eyes, leaned down and kissed him on the lips."Let's get out of the water, Charles," Ryan said. "I've got a towel that we can lie on."I thought I would work with Ryan a little different than I did with Jason. The end result would be the same. Ryan would experience the release of his Life Force from his little penis. This time, it would be under our control, and not a nocturnal emission.We got to edge of the water hole and Ryan spread a large towel on the ground. We sat down beside each other, naked as jay birds, and kissed again."Ready to begin, Ryan?" I said."Yes," he said. "How do you want me?"I asked him to hand me the container of body lotion so I could start. real cp bbs I took it and spread lotion across my stomach, down my abdomen, and on all parts of my genitals."Lie back flat on your back, Ryan," I said. "Then follow my lead."Ryan did as he was told, and I spread the lotion on him, just as I did to myself. When I got to his little hard penis, I was slow and methodical. I gently applied the lotion along his un-cut shaft. I moved the foreskin up and down across the little head of his penis. Ryan's breathing rhythm began to change in depth. I could tell he was ready, so I didn't want to continue stroking like that. I wanted this to be more meaningful for him."Ryan," I said. "Lie down on top of me, front to front. Place your legs on either side of mine."When he did as I asked, I maneuvered my hard penis, just below his scrotum and put it between his legs at the lower end of his crevasse. His little hard penis was flat against my abdomen. I brought my arms around him and held him tight, then I kissed him."Now what?" Ryan said.I took some more lotion and spread it around Ryan's, little, cute, butt. I didn't miss one square inch. Then I put the container of lotion down. My right hand was on his little hiney. I lowered my middle finger down into Ryan's deep crevasse and rested the tip on the edge of his anus. With one single touch, I felt the walls of Ryan's anus open up to accept my finger. I applied a slight pressure, and half the length of my finger disappeared into Ryan's warm and waiting, anal cavity.Ryan jumped as his muscles tensed in a reaction to the intrusion of his rectum, but in a few seconds, he relaxed and enjoyed the pleasurable feeling. I kissed him again. He was facing me, with his head lying on my left shoulder. I hooked his right arm under his armpit with my left forearm. I began to gyrate my hips, up and down, forcing my hard penis, up and down between Ryan's legs where they joined at his little, cute, hiney, and barely rubbing the back of his scrotum. This motion caused Ryan to slide his hard shaft around on my slippery abdomen and stomach. I assisted him by pulling slightly up on his armpit. Only cp bbs lo Upon each upward stroke, the grip I had on his butt aided me in keeping the pressure on his little shaft, located between my stomach and his abdomen. I moved my finger slightly, in and out, of Ryan's anal cavity to heighten the sensation. His breathing began to get shallow. The walls of his anus gripped girls bbs post my finger like a Chinese bbs sex boy Finger Puzzle. bbs desnudas His legs squeezed my hard shaft to a point where it was a real effort to slide it up and down between them. Ryan's breathing was playing on every nerve I had. I could feel the waves of extacy coming over me. One or two more upward strokes would send my Life Force out into the warm night air. I felt Ryan's little, hard, shaft, pressed between us, pulse ferociously with his young, sweet, warm, Life Force, onto my stomach five times. Immediately following Ryan's first crescendo, my Life Force sprayed out in unison.Our respective breathing pattern became normal and relaxed. I slipped Ryan off to one side, found his lips with mine and kissed him hard. I inched my tongue through until it was inside his oral cavity. Our tongue's met, then Ryan's rolled back and allowed me to explore. I returned my tongue into my mouth with force. Ryan was pushing it back with his tongue to explore me. We laid there, naked on the towel, in each others arms, in the warm night air, and under the eerie light reflecting off the low hanging clouds, kissing passionately.I broke the spell to come up for air, so to speak. I removed my finger from Ryan's little hiney hole and said,"Let's go wash off and then get some sleep. We can all talk about this tomorrow. Plus I need to get over to P.I.R. I've been here too long. We need to start something and get out of here."Ryan shook his head in agreement, so we got up off the towel and went back down into the water, bringing the towel with us. He held on to me like we were glued together. I gently maneuvered him around so that I could wash him in all areas of concern, then I washed myself. Without saying a bbs lol teen blog word, I took Ryan's hand and led him up the bank of the water hole. We walked, arm in arm, back to the work shed. Ryan had put some towels just inside the door for us to dry off. After we dried, Jason turned his lantern on to guide us back to the platform to sleep. Oh sweet Jason, oh sweet Ryan, I love you both. Tomorrow night, I will introduce you to finger cots."Good night, my friends," I said as I crawled naked into my sleeping bag. "Sweet dreams."Jason free illegal bbs movies and Ryan were beaming from ear to ear."Good night," they said in unison.Jason reached over and turned the lantern off. Ryan scrambled into his sleeping bag. I sexo video bbs closed my eyes. I knew I was going to have sweet dreams with Jason and Ryan at my side. \|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 14 \|/ \|/ Jason woke me with a kiss. It was daylight, early in the morning. The sun was bright and strong through the East end of the work shed. I stretched and groaned, and finally looked over at Jason and said a pleasant "good morning". He reached out and world bbs ls squeezed my hand, repeating the greeting. I wondered about Ryan, and whether I should wake him up now or 3d toon girl bbs not. I decided against it, for he had a big night last night, emotionally. I'll let him sleep a while longer. Naked Jason got out of his sleeping bag and started toward the door."Where ya going, buddy?" I asked."I thought I'd clean up a little," Jason said."Well let's not take too many chances," I said. "There are too many people out in the morning. You may be seen."I felt the large towel that Ryan and I used. It was still wet with enough water to freshen one up."Come back over here, Jason," I said. "It's enough water in this to wash a whole army."Jason thought about the situation a bit, and came over to me. I got out of my sleeping bag so I could wipe the damp towel all over him including the special areas of concern. Then I tilted his head back and kissed him."Feel better?" I asked.Jason smiled and nodded in the affirmative. Then he dug down in his gym bag and brought out clean underwear to put on, and a clean uniform.Ryan had been sleeping on his stomach and begun to stir. I placed my hand on his little butt through the sleeping bag material and massaged it. I greeted him with a "good afternoon, sleepy head."Ryan turned himself onto one elbow, spun his head around to search out Jason, then look at me cross-eyed."Huh," He said. "Wha...IT'S MORNING, YOU DINGY."Damn, I didn't think he had it in him. I just laughed at him, and after a few seconds, he woke up fully and laughed at the little trick I played on him.Jason looked at Ryan and said, teasing,"It is afternoon, it is, it is."Ryan just looked at Jason and stuck his tongue out at him, then laughed again. I would have said the big F.U. phrase, but thank goodness these kids hadn't learned that yet.Naked Ryan got out of his sleeping bag and went into Jason's gym bag and pulled out fresh underwear. He had stored his in Jason bag so we could use his to get things at the school/orphanage. He put the underwear on, plus a clean uniform. I enjoyed watching Baby pics pedo bbs these two get dressed. I guess it was my turn, next. I looked around and found that I was the only person naked. I searched in Jason's gym bag for some larger size underwear and the silver colored uniform. I got dressed sakura pics bbs and sat down to plan the day. \|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 15 little bbs xxx \|/ \|/ The uniform is not very convenient. It has no pockets and is too form fitting for my taste. I wished I had my trusty pocket knife with me, maybe as a crutch to reinforce my tenacity. I don't know, but I get attached to small personal items and feel naked without them. We've all been through that. I went toward the door to leave and both Jason and Ryan hugged me and slapped me on the butt cheeks, saying."Good luck.""Remember, flag down the "RED" Magnecraft we talked about." Jason said. "They won't check your I.D. until they get in later in the day. They just read it and turn it in later. The others prteens naked bbs check you faster."I followed the path laid out by Ryan to a numbered street, 34Th. Street. It dead ended at the back of the school. I followed it for about a hundred feet until I came to a corner, adjacent to a major thoroughfare. A few men were standing on the North-West corner talking among themselves. As I approached, they looked at me in a peculiar way. I returned their stare, nodded my head in typical Southern fashion, and said hello. They turned away from me as if I was yesterday's newspaper."Assholes," I thought. "Bunch of frustrated old farts."I didn't know how to take the treatment and it made me a little paranoid. I could just feel every scanner in the area pointing at me. About that time, I saw a red vehicle moving along the major road. It had a little lighted sign mounted to the roof, that read "Public Conveyance." I raised my arm in sight of the driver and he pulled over to the curb. I could hear the disgruntled old farts behind me, mumbling under their breath in reference to my action.There was no noise to be heard from this vehicle. There were no wheels. Other than that fact, it looked to be about the size of a small compact car of the 1990's and was solid red in color. Not one speck of chrome could be seen on it. The body did not seem to be metallic. In fact, it wasn't. The driver opened the door of this hovering vehicle for me, and I touched the top of the vehicle as I got in. Plastic. Yes, plastic. How did I know this? Hmmm."Yer wrist, mac," said the driver."What? Huh? Oh," I said not paying attention. "Here."The driver put a light pen device to my wrist at the implanted marking and drew the pen across the lines. I heard a few clicking sounds and a small "beep" from behind the control panel attached to the vehicle. There was the sound of two more beeps with a different pitch from the first one, and the driver pulled out into a line of traffic moving in the same direction. I figured that was a signal of acknowledgement."Where to Mac?" the driver said.I looked at him, square in the eye, and almost laughed in his face. He had the features of a real, live, walking, talking, George Jetson."4314 Crutchfield Street," (and I almost said George) "that P.I.R. place over there.""Yes sir," he said.Well I got by that computer check of my number. How many more could I get by with, without ringing every bell in town?The driver didn't say much other than a few words about the performance of his vehicle. I looked around at the interior of it and did not come to any conclusion. The general layout was still the same as most vehicles have always been. It had a steering mechanism, a speed indicator, some foot controls, and some kind of visible tabulating device, I assumed to be the "meter" that a taxi would use. There was a plastic panel with the familiar scan lines on it mounted next to the "meter". Next to that, was a photograph of the driver, and under it, his name. "Frederick Royal", I saw as I glanced at the name."Well, Fred," I said, trying to start something up. "How things been going for ya?""Fine, fine, friend," Fred said. "Couldn't be better. I'll be getting a new young-un soon.""Oh...when's your wife due?" I saidI realized I've said too much already."Wife? HA! You must have come across one of them old books that missed the great fire. I hear tell, that a few of 'em are still around."I went along with the flow of the conversation, but rather than have ole' Fred start thinking and asking questions, or talking all over town, I laid the topic of "wife" off, as something my grandfather used to talk about."He's in that building by where I picked you up at," Fred said.It had to be a "he". I haven't seen any "she" yet. I went on to make small talk about the fact that I teach in the school there, and that I have disciplinary problems with two of my students, so I was going to see their father's at the P.I.R. I didn't elude to the fact, whether they worked there, or were patients there. The whole thing was a lie, but I figured, if I spread more cover and acted like a regular "joe" and not like an "asshole", then some things would go a lot smoother. I don't know why I was going to all the trouble. Fred was going to turn in his scans for the day when he got off. I know that my scan would prove to be out of sequence. That would ring bells. Maybe yes, maybe no. I'll have to chance it.The trip took about ten minutes, judging from the timer I was watching on his control panel. Along the way, periodically, I would hear the small "beep" that resembled the pitch of the first one I had heard earlier. I guessed that was the registration indicator for each half-mile or whatever."Crutchfield Street up ahead, Mac," Fred said. "What was it, 4314?"I gave him a one word answer, and within the minute, I was in front of the P.I.R. building. Without a word from Fred, the passenger door opened for me."Ok, Mac," Fred said. "Here yer are.""Thanks, Fred," I said in a Barney Rubble tone of voice, getting out of the vehicle and chuckling to myself. I had to make light of each situation as it came to me. Otherwise, I couldn't keep my sanity."Hey! Mac! Your wrist."Oh, sorry about that Fred," I said extending my left arm into the vehicle.He scanned my wrist with the light pen again, wished me a good day, and reached over to pull the door shut. Then he moved off, leaving me standing there in the roadway with my thumb up my ass, smuggler bbs guestbook so to speak. What next "Mac?"What next? First thing, was to step onto the sidewalk from out of the middle of bbs guide nude the street. I walked into the building and into a lobby. There was a long desk, behind which sat two men in orange colored uniforms. These two had orange Garrison Caps on their heads with some kind of insignia on each side. I don't know if it was to represent the fact that they worked for P.I.R., or it was a security company, but the insignia was in the shape of a star. I guess it was security.The two orange colored castrated robots looked at me in a peculiar manner, as if to say "what the hell are you bothering me for?" I ignored the look and thought it typical of this type of employee."Yes, may we help you?" One of the orange suits said, getting up and walking toward me."Yes," I said. "I represent Henry School and Orphanage. I am here to see a mister Mitchell and a mister Turner."Why do you want to see them for?" Said the other orange suit from behind the desk.Hey, wow...I like his command of the English language. Fucking dumb ass, who asked you?The standing orange suit looked down at a file box on the desk opened the top and flipped through the cards contained inside."They are patients here," he said. "Sometimes patients are taking medication. We can't just let you see them without their doctor's say so."I looked beyond the man talking and observed the other orange suit moving controls on a panel next to the desk. I heard the whir of motors and gears behind me. I knew that a scanner was being aimed at my rear left shoulder where the I.D. lines were. Then I bbs toplist 14yo looked back at the speaker and regained eye contact."Ok," I said. "Is their doctor here candid bbs today?"I needed to keep both of these bozos busy and keep their mind (mind?) off of checking me out.The standing orange suit motioned with his hand toward the other one, and said,"Your name, Citizen?As I answered the question, the other orange bbs child sluts suit pushed two buttons on another panel. mini bbs girl models He stared at it until a large red light lit, then turned to me and said,"Doctor Powers will be here in a moment. Just stand there for a moment."The seated orange suit was waiving his hands and cursing to himself. Then he started to push buttons like a mad man on a control panel. The whirring sound behind me, increased with intensity and frequency. bbs kds porn boy So did the sound from the seated orange suit. He was obviously having trouble with the scanning device. Had I escaped detection, or was it delayed?"That piece of trash goes on the blink about four times a week," said the still standing orange suit. "What do you do at this school, now you say?""I didn't say," I said. "I teach their son's and I am having disciplinary problems with them. I need to know how to deal with them, one on one.""Fuck this," he said. "You look like who you say you are. Besides, ......."At that same instant, the seated orange suit let out a string of curse words, some I'd heard, and some not. I heard the familiar sound of an electrical short circuit (I've had enough of those in my life) and grinding gears, behind me. Then there was a small exploding sound. I turned around and sought the source of the sound. There, just above and to the right, was a scanning device in flames. "A QUESTION OF TIME" CONTINUED CHAPTERS 16-18 -------------------- \|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 16 \|/ \|/ "Citizen... era ah Baw, uh, Dot," I heard from free bbs videos behind me.Chills rang out all over my body. That's the worst slaughter of my name I've heard, yet. I shook this little culture shock to my nerves off, turned around, and corrected the pronunciation."Citizen," huh? Ryan hadn't told me how to greet one another. I wasn't even sure, now if the shaking of hands, was customary. I decided to play it by ear.I obtained eye contact with a rotund man dressed in a red suit/uniform. This younger bbs movies is too stupid to be happening. A red suit on a rotund man? All I needed was the white beard and bbs lol ls jingle bells. Give me a break!"I'm Doctor Powers," he said standing his ground. "What can I do for you?"He didn't extend a hand, and neither did I.I went into the scenario with him, as I did the orange suits. I ended with,"May I see them, now please?"Everyone here seemed to be robotic, so matter of fact, as if they were all sufferers of Tunnel Vision. Well I can play that game, too. No more pleasantries like "please" and "thank you." Bing, bing, bing, one, two, three. Give me, now, quickly, chop-chop. It's my turn to be the ass hole.Doctor Powers started to read me the riot act about the do's and don'ts of P.I.R., and that patients under medication were not reliable, blah, blah, blah, etc. I've never heard such a long line of bullshit. I re-stated my position and was, more or less, emphatic that the doctor check his records to see just how much medication I would have to deal with, in talking with the elder Mitchell and Turner. Damn, I was beginning to like this act of coming on as the "heavy". I hoped that I wasn't pushing my luck just a little too much. The roley-poley, Doctor Powers, looked at me hard, up and down. Then he said, changing the pitch of his voice from normal to below normal bbs guestbook yo and trailing off,"This way, Citizen."I could tell that the good doctor was not happy about the task. Ha! He'll get over it.As we walked along a hallway toward Jason's and Ryan's father's room, Doctor Powers began to engage in small talk about something that had happened with the security system. My feeling was, that he was trying to cover up for his abrasive disposition earlier. Quite frankly, I didn't give a damn about his problems. On top of that, child sex bbs he spoke as if he had no education at all. From my observation, I don't know how he got Doctor attached to his name. I tuned him out and began to observe more scanning and stun beam devices along the hallway. I took mental note as to their location.Robert Mitchell and Nelson Turner were roommates. They were in a room that resembled a dormitory room at a college. Two beds, two book cases, two closet, the whole nine yards. Each appeared to be about in their mid thirties. They were both lying down on their beds, in their bright green uniforms, propped up and talking to one another when the doctor and I stepped in. Doctor Powers greeted them pleasantly (a surprise to me) and explained my presence. Then he turned to me saying,"Do you want me to stay here while you talk, just in case..."I cut him off sharply. Hell no, I didn't want this dork privy to my situation."No Doctor," I said. "I don't foresee any trouble."I knew there would be monitors all over the room, anyway. I couldn't do anything there. I needed to get them outside in the open, away from the sensors."It's such a beautiful day outside, why don't I walk around in the fresh air with them and talk?The doctor twisted and turned on his feet, then looked at me, then looked at the two occupants of the room, then looked back at me."You are, who you say you are, Citizen Baudot?"YES!" Who the hell else would I be?""Ok, ok, go," he said. "I'll send security for you when I need for them to come in."The doctor left to go back up the hall, and I watched him until he was out of sight. I introduced myself again and assured them I was here to help their kids. I made up a story on the fly, for the benefit of any hidden microphones, while I was in the room. I told them about how Jason and Ryan were disruptive in class, etc. Both of them had a strange look on their face. Did I confuse them, talking about their son's? They seemed to accept it, so I continued. I wonder if that part of their life had been somehow erased from their memory? They may only be slightly aware that they had son's, now. Even then it must not have been too clear."How about taking a walk with me in the sunshine and fresh air, "Citizens?" I said pointing out the window.Both Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Turner agreed. I say mister, because they are due the respect. Although, they are a bit younger than I, they have had kids and are fathers.We walked out of a door that was about twenty feet down the hall. It led to a grass covered courtyard with stone benches around its'perimeter. We struck out for a bench somewhere in the middle of the area. As we walked, I sounded the guys out. I needed to find out if they were flakes, as their records indicated, or were they faking it. I wanted to believe the latter. I thought I would try a little word association on them. I started talking about the scanning system. They didn't respond much. The stun beams triggered a response. Did they know why they were here at P.I.R.? They tried to start a revolution in 2086 With that response, I knew I had an in with them."Tell me about it," I said.Jason's and Ryan's father went into the finite detail with dates and times. By the time Jason and Ryan were six years old, they had stockpiled books that had been marked for burning. These books told of war child sluts bbs and revolution, guns and weaponry, military strategy, and these books were old. Nelson's and Robert's main occupation, at that time, was contracting. They were told to go into old buildings and prepare them for renovation or destruction. They had gone into several houses in the southern area of the city to prepare them for demolition, and began to look to be sure the house was completely empty. In the attic of some of these house, they found the books. The books had been ordered for destruction over fifty years prior. They took the books and hid them. They had access to explosives, they wanted to take their history back, and sweet angel models bbs so, the rest was history."How did you get caught?" I asked."We planted explosives in an official building," Nelson said. "One of the men we had with bbs teenie porn board us, was scanned by a scanner we didn't detect. They caught him and forced him to talk, then they killed him. That was in 2084. Two years later, someone we lived with in our quarters, were moved out, and we were arrested. We've been here ever since."Certainly," I said, "they keep you under foyza guestbook bbs medication so you won't try this again, don't they?"Yes, sometimes," Robert said, "but most of it is in pill form, so we palm them. Then we pretend to be under the influence"It was too late. Some of the drugs got through to the frontal lobe, I believe. Nelson was too vague about "someone we lived with." Jason and Ryan were just fading memories. I could see where Ryan got his tenacity, however from this duo."Have you ever thought about walking out here one day, and keep on going?"Nelson and Robert just looked at one another, then back at me. Hmmm."What happened to your wives?" I asked."Wives?" I don't understand.Shit...they had kids. They should know what a wife is."The woman that bore your children," I said."He must be talking about that registration rule thing, Nelson," Robert said."Have you forgotten?" Nelson said looking at me. Didn't you get your orders?"Not yet," I said, following along. "Orders for what?""The orphanage!" he said excitedly. "The orphanage. They select a group of men to become fathers. You have to report for an operation. Then you go home and wait. Nine months later, they present you with a baby."Well, then there is a mother," I said."Yes, of course there is," Robert interjected. That's the way it works, you know.""Yes, yes," I said chuckling. "I was just testing you two. I wanted to see if you were under the influence. So, you've had your time there, then?"They could only reply with, after looking at each other,"I think we have."I lied about the little test and almost trapped myself, here. However the ruse worked. I got the information I needed. Now was the time to plan. Interesting. The 2090 civilization has a Surrogate Mother Program. The "operation" took male sperm from the "draftees" and planted it into a selected "Breeders", but not before it is altered to produce males. Maybe a few get through to become females, for Breeders. free lolkaz bbs sex Hmmm, no wonder these people knew so little about the joys of sex or just plain fucking. I wonder if they practiced the fine art of masturbation? Probably not. What a shame, too? Oh well, I had the feeling that would change."Nelson, Robert, look at me," I said. Where are your friends that helped you four years ago? Are they here in town? Are they here at P.I.R.? Are they dead?"Two are dead, Nelson said, "and another is here, and then there's uh, Russell...Russell...""Winner," Robert said. "Russell's downtown at the scanner place, er..ah...Mountcastle Main. He never got caught. Our friend died before he could tell them about Russ. I'm glad too. He is so young. He deserved a chance."I had over stayed my welcome here. When I had walked down the hall with Doctor Powers, I felt that the independent scanners along the way, were working. Feeding their signal to some central computer somewhere. Then again, maybe not. I hope they were tied to the master control at orange suit's desk, and that, in a fit of anger, Orange Suit shut the whole system down to call maintenance."Hang tight, Robert. Hang tight, Nelson," I said, putting my arms on their shoulders. "Get to your friend, here. Do whatever you have to do and sober him up. We all have to have another meeting like this one, out here, on the grass."Then I followed with a wink, and,"Understand?"I saw a spark of high spiritedness in their eyes. My only hope is that I didn't tip my hand too soon. For all I know, Nelson and Robert were castrated, spying, robots like the others.Robert observed an orange suit moving in our direction. Then he sounded the alarm through clenched teeth to us. Robert pretended not to see Orange Suit and started to laugh and slap me on the shoulder as if I had told him dirty joke. Nelson followed his lead. By that time, Orange Suit was in ear shot of us, and was not wise to the fact that Robert had made him, and quickly changed the conversation. Hmmm. I think Nelson and Robert will succeed with my endeavor to free this 2090 world from the paranoia I have seen so far. They may not be the Castrated Robots I thought them to be.Orange Suit didn't have to say anything. He motioned with his arm for us to follow. Nelson and Robert pivoted on their heels and began to march toward their room as if they had a banana up their ass, trying to poke fun at the orange suit's position in life. I followed behind, but kept a straight face and walked as a professional person should."Ok Citizens," Orange Suit barked at them. "Straighten up."Turning to me, he said,"Is your business finished here, Citizen?""I have a few last minute details to complete," I said, "and then I will return to the teen bbs nubile school."Ok, Citizen, Orange Suit said. "I'll give you a short while longer with them in the room, but don't let me come looking for you.""Thank you, Citizen," I said, and thinking to myself "FUCK STICK!"Orange Suit left us when we arrived back at the room. I made a big production, for the benefit of the monitors, about how good Jason and Ryan were, and that everything will be ok after talking with Nelson and Robert."Let me show you something," Nelson said. "I was looking at you for a long time while we were outside. You resemble someone I've seen before in a photograph."What the hell. Had they been to a post office lately to look at the wanted posters? What picture?Nelson went over to his closet and pulled a bound book down from a shelf. The book was in the shape of a photograph album. He laid it on the bed and started flipping pages, then stopped about half way through and pointed to a picture."That's my Great Grandfather," he said pointing to a kid in a picture.I moved closer to get a better look.... MY GOD!... It was a kid that looked like Jason. There was another kid in the picture, and he looked like Ryan. Both kids were standing, one on each side of an adult male who had his arm around both their shoulders. After closer examination, that adult was a likeness of me, standing in front of my 1990 house."Who is this kid?" I said pointing. "He looks like Ryan.""It's my Great Grandfather," Robert interjected, but with a blank look on his face.Did Ryan mean nothing to him?"How old is this book?" I asked."Nelson's father had it around where they lived." Robert said. "I've seen that same picture around where I lived, too. Apparently, those two kids knew each other then, many years back.""My father told me once, but I don't remember," Nelson said. "I know it's at least a hundred years old."I couldn't tell which one was more enthusiastic, Nelson or Robert."Who is this?" I said pointing to the likeness of myself."I'm not sure," Nelson said. lo free bbs 12yo "My father said one time, that he thought his grandfather was adopted. Maybe that's who adopted him. How about your's Robert?""I don't know if I ever knew," He said."How did you two meet? I asked. "Are you related?""We met on a job somewhere," Robert said. "We both earned work units from Mountcastle, but I didn't know him and he didn't know me. I don't think we are related. His father and my father came from different states.""Yes, but you were both born here, correct?" I said.Both men nodded their head. With the Surrogate Mother System, the possibility of these two being related, was high. Jason and Ryan could even be brothers, and not even know it."Well I had better leave," I said for the benefit of the hidden microphones. "I'll be back in touch to give you a progress report on Jason and Ryan. Thanks for your time."I gave them the thumbs up sign, turned and left the room. I went back toward the lobby and the orange suits. There was a new set of orange suits at the desk. As I walked by, one of them turned and ask me to stop for a minute.Your name, Citizen," he said.What the hell was this? Did I have to do this all over again? Maybe they got their scanner fixed. My reaction was so violent to my nerves, that my colon filled up with gas, which I expelled out between the cheeks of my butt. Thank goodness bbs ls pearls no one was behind me. I would have blasted them with a green cloud."Baudot," I said. small bbs kds models "What's the problem?""Doctor Powers wants to talk with you," he said.Whew. The scanners were still down. I wonder what Doctor Fat Ass wanted with me?"Citizen Baudot?" Doctor Powers said. "How did your session go?""It went very well, Doctor," I said. "I need to follow up with them, so I can give them a progress report on their son's. I want to come back again. Do I have your permission?"Yes," he said. "I'll clear it with security here. Next time you are here, just walk back to their room."One of the orange suits overheard the conversation and interjected,"Your wrist, Citizen. We will put this into our central records when the scanners are repaired."Orange suit scanned my wrist with a portable type recording device. I was a little apprehensive about that, but I didn't want to make a scene."Thanks Citizens," I said as I turned toward the front door and outside. I hope their central records didn't report downtown to Mountcastle. If it did, I was up "Shit teen tights bbs Creek without a paddle."I got outside and walked out to the edge of the street. I heard a noise like a high pitched buzzing sound. The noise was two short burst. I was startled, but I didn't think it was an alarm that sounded on me. I looked toward the kinder child porn bbs source of the sound and spotted a red vehicle moving toward me. It pulled up in front of me and stopped."Well I'll be damn," I said in Barney Rubble tones. "It's Fred. Hi ya, Fred. Going my way?"Fred open the passenger door and I got in. We went through the wrist scanning thing again and started with the small talk."You haven't been waiting for me all that time, have you Fred?" I asked."No, Fred said," but I knew that they weren't going to keep you, so I kept checking back. You had to have a way back to the school. Oh, by the way, I pick up my son in two days.""Good for you, Fred," I said. "I hope everything goes well for 13 yo nude bbs you.""Give me your wrist again, Mac. I'm so happy, I'm going to cancel your I.D. in my machine here. Your trip back to the school is on the house.""Mighty kind of you, Fred, I said, "and the name's Charles.""Ok, Charlie Boy, Fred said. "Let's go." -------------------------------\|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 17 \|/ \|/ "I'm back," I yelled as I walked through the old work shed door. "Jason, Ryan, where are you?""Up here," Ryan said.I looked up over my head in the direction of Ryan's voice. He and Jason were walking along the rafters and among the supports. How the hell did they get up there. Better yet, why?I looked around to see that the framework of the platform was about two feet below the rafters. The tarp was folded down along the control panel, covering the vital parts. They must have climbed up on that. If that's the case, I hope they didn't step on any of the vital controls tiny models blue bbs and broken them. Now to the why of it."Uh, fellows...what the hell, over?" I said emphasizing the question with a hand gesture."We heard voices and those aircraft again," Jason said. "There were so many, all around us. So we climbed up here and hid in the corner behind those things. Two of them came in here and looked around,"Jason pointed to a stack of old tires for my 1982 car. bbs 12yo pic I must have had three or four sets stacked up there. I don't know what I was saving them for, but who ever owned this land, between when I should have passed on, (I'm guessing 2024) and now, must have been a pack rat like me. I seemed to never throw anything away. The former owner's must have left them alone."Quick thinking, kids," I said. "Thank goodness they didn't spot you. Did they look under the tarp, or fool with the platform?""No, lol bbs free blog Ryan said. "They only walked about half way in and went back out.Hmmm, the footprints in the dusty floor were a dead giveaway. They should have spotted them."Oh well," I said, "come down for now. I have some good news for you."Jason and Ryan walked along the wood beams over to the framework of my platform. They slid down toward the controls and then to the platform itself. I cautioned them about stepping on any of the controls. I was proud of them. They were very careful.I told them of my meeting with their father's. They seemed to be pleased, yet a little apprehensive too. I told them all I knew and my observations of their actions. I think they were palming the drugs all the time. All they needed was a little outside support to encourage them."How does one communicate with another?" I asked. "How does that communication device in the school work?"Jason and Ryan were confused by vombat bbs sunny my question. They asked me what I was talking about. I had to explain a 1990's telephone system to them. It's strange living in this time and trying to figure it out. Some things seemed to change with the advance in technology, and some things seemed a step backwards. I automatically assumed that the telephone would change drastically, over the last hundred years. I would have thought that, by now, that there ammunition with bbs inside would be video phones all around. WRONG, Fish Breath. The only changes, as Jason explained, was that it was called a "COMPHONE" and you had to dial eight digits instead of seven. Oh much for progress."We need to find someone," I said. "He's a friend of your fathers'. He has something to do at Mountcastle Main. His name is Russell Winner. Ring a bell with you two?"Jason and Ryan shook their heads negatively. I had thought not, so I retrieved the map to locate Mountcastle Main.As I sat there studying the map, Jason sat down beside putting his arm around my waist. Ryan dug down into his gym bag and pulled out the box of finger cots."Charles," he said. "What are these?"I smiled and looked him straight in the eye. Ryan's expression was priceless. It was the genuine look of an eagerness to learn. The finger cots were foreign to our mission. The clothes, he could understand. The personal hygiene items, he could understand, and even the body lotion, but the rubber finger cots?"They are called finger cots," I said. "They are going to be an important part of your education while you are with me. Pull one out and look board bbs ukrainian at it."Ryan pulled one out of the box. He stretched it out and rolled it up, then tried to blow it up like a balloon. He tossed one to Jason. Both boys marvelled over the texture of the item."Put one on your finger," I suggested. "Think about what you see."Ryan put a finger cot on his right index finger. It was loose fitting. He looked at me as if to say "SO."I wanted to get naked, then. I wanted to have them do the same and go out into the water hole. It was hot in the shed, but I didn't dare go out again in daylight, in case the aircraft came back. Particularly, since I have exposed my fake digital code to the taxi driver and P.I.R. There had been time, now, for anyone to send it to the Mountcastle Main."Remember our experiences, Jason, Ryan? I said making eye contact with each. "Using the body lotion?"Jason squeezed me harder around the waist. Ryan had that glimmer of recollection."Well," I continued. "I need to have you experience something new. It's so wonderful, that each of you will want to respect each other's privacy and work, one at a time, with me. pre boy bbs Then, after you get used to it, we can all be together.""What is it?" Jason asked."For our safety," I said, we should wait until dark, so we can use the water hole without anyone seeing us. For now, let's get on the platform, take our clothes off, and rest. To my surprise, Jason and Ryan took all of their clothes off and laid down on top of their sleeping bags. Jason was sporting a semi-erection, so he turned away from me briefly, exposing a full view of his little, cute, hiney. Jason hadn't been shy before, so why now? Maybe it was that he had become aware of himself."That's ok Jason," I said. "Remember, roll with the flow. >From now on, your hard penis is going to be natural to you. Ryan and I will have one, from time to time.""Charles," Ryan said. "Jase and I have been together for almost four years. I won't do anything behind his back, and he won't do anything behind mine."What are you trying to tell me, Ryan?" I asked."You said that we would kbook bbs want to experience something with you in private, first." Ryan continued. "We've always done things together. So if what you show me, will you show Jason?""Yes Ryan," I said. "I wouldn't have it any other way. I thought that since this would be your first intimate experience, you would like it to be a little private. I love you two, equally. I would not pit the two of you against each other."I finished taking bbs rx chrome my clothes off and laid down on my sleeping bag. I reached out to my left and touched Jason's butt with a little pat. I reached out to my right and squeezed Ryan's hand, saying,"Whatever you kids want, I'll do."My shaft got rock hard just thinking about the situation. That was, allowing one or the other boy to place his hard shaft into my free lolas bbs anal cavity, pump me with all his might until his Life Force pulse out the end of his penis into the finger cot. Then to allow the other boy to watch and learn.Since this was summer, sunset was late in the evening. I had slept a few hours, then awoke. I started to wish the time away until dark, looking over at naked Jason and naked Ryan. Both boys were still asleep. Jason had turned back over onto his back. Ryan had not appeared to have moved. I looked down at their pelvic area. Both boys' penis had returned to normal size and was laying flat against their abdomen. My penis nude little models bbs had returned to normal too, but it began to rise again while I stared at the two naked boys. I sat up and leaned over to kiss Ryan on the forehead, then did the same to Jason. Jason stirred and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times, then looked up at me."Hello my friend," I said. "Have a good nap?""Yeeeeah," Jason said yawning.I bent down and kissed him on the lips. I laid my hand on his abdomen and slid it down to his little penis. I encased his genitals in my hand and maneuvered his little shaft between my thumb and forefinger. Jason let out a little whimper, tensed, small porn rompl bbs and then relaxed. He reached up and pulled me down hard against him. Then he inched his tongue through to my oral cavity and explored it."Yuk." I had not yet brushed my teeth for the day and neither had Jason. When we start our educational session, I would have to make that the first priority. "Uug." Butt breath. I ignored the fact and rose above it. I continued to accept Jason's tongue in my mouth, as I moved his little penis around between my fingers. I could feel Jason's blood pulsing into the tissues of his little love muscle. Jason was getting hard.I began to work Jason's little shaft until it was extremely stiff. Jason was breathing hard through his nostrils. I knew he was almost ready to spray his Life Force out onto his abdomen. I continued to stroke his little, hard, shaft, stretching the foreskin up and down across the very tip of his penis, heightening his senses.I didn't want this to happen. I had not planned this at all. It was spontaneous and just happened. He pulled me to him. He forced his tongue into my oral cavity. However, since it had started, I wanted to complete this affirmation of our love, Jason and I, so I continued to stroke his little, hard, penis. Jason's breathing pattern was getting shallow. His pulse was rapid. Then he let out a little whimper and I felt his penis pulse, hard, twice. Jason's Life Force pulsed out into my hand and onto his abdomen. I broke the trance and gently eased Jason's tongue back into his mouth, then pulled away, still holding on to his little shaft. I sat there smiling down at Jason, not saying a word. He looked bbs 10 y.o. up at me, smiling too. After a few minutes, I kissed him on the forehead, got up to find a towel. I found one and handed it to Jason, then said to him,"You might want to clean up a little, my friend. I love you kid."Jason probably had not heard the term "love" before, but after our little display of passion, "love" would be easier to explain to him. Ryan was still asleep. He had slept through all the commotion and hadn't stirred, but it was time to wake him up.I shook the sleeping bag gently, saying,"Wake up my friend. It's getting dark. We need to go over to the school. I want to contact Russell Winner. I think he can help us."Ryan stretched his little slender body and yawned and I leaned over to kissed him. He smiled and returned the kiss on my lips. My mind instantly recalled an identical scene with Jason. I almost repeated the situation. No! No! It's not the time for it. I wanted to get on with my plan. The year 2090 was going to be the year of revolution. I broke away from the kiss and said,"Thanks, my friend. Love ya buddy.Ryan just smiled up at me. He was also to be a recipient of the knowledge of "love." ------------------------------------\|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 18 \|/ \|/ Every minute I spend here in this year 2090, increases my chance of getting caught. From what I've seen, I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life at P.I.R. or dead. I was putting Jason and Ryan at risk too. They were independent entities before I happened into their bbs met art life. Now there is the possibility I may ruin their chances. I sat them down to explain the situation, but they chose to remain with me, God love em.As many times as we have broken into the school, one would think someone would get wise to that fact. There was missing medical inventory, missing keys, a missing map, and how about my fingerprints? Hmmm. If they checked them and found out they were from a 146 year old man, damn wouldn't that mess with "their" mind? "They" couldn't be that dense. I made Jason and Ryan aware of this, so we were extra careful about alarms and stun beams.Ryan led the way into the building and Jason made the smart ass remark about the low hanging wooden beam. I sort of enjoyed the exchange and let them get away lsm bbs models with it, because it gave the boys confidence in themselves as they progressed down life's highway.We went into the office again and logged on to the computer system again. This time I typed in "MOUNTCASTLE MAIN." The screen filled with data about Mountcastle Main's location, etc. I ripped another piece of paper from the printer and wrote the address down. There didn't seem to be any other useful data there. Then I typed in "WINNER". The screen filled with his data file. Mr. Winner's address, communication number, (Ryan pointed out) physical characteristics, and his date to report to the orphanage under the surrogate mother system. Perfect. That was to be in two days. I had the perfect ruse to go see him. I was going to pass myself off as some form of clerk checking on the accuracy of his data. I didn't dare start up the printer, so I wrote it all down in longhand. Then, Ryan worked me through the operation of the telephone, as if I needed a refresher course.I rehearsed my little speech, lifted the handset, and dialed Citizen Russell Winner."Citizen Winner?" I asked when the ringing tone stopped. "I am Citizen Baudot. I teen bbs img baord represent Henry School and Orphanage. I would like to meet with you at Mountcastle and verify our records for your duty requirements in two days.">From his data file off the computer, Russell Winner was listed as "Key Personnel." That meant his communication device was monitored, to me. I had to be careful. We agreed to meet around the noon time hour at the Mountcastle building, then walk to a nearby park. I had no idea what Russell looked like. What color uniform would he have. Maybe the computer file has his likeness stored somewhere. It was worth a try to look again. I spent a few more minutes with the computer and found a picture file. I typed in "Winner, Russell" to see what would happen. The screen blinked out for a second, then displayed a teen russian model bbs likeness of Citizen Winner, plus a synopsis of the data I had seen previously. Oh my God. He was a double for my 1990 friend, Jimmy Anderson. This was too much of a coincidence. For my own sanity, it would behoove me to get back to 1990 as soon as possible. I wondered if I has a double in this time. Would ever I meet him? I didn't want to even think about it.Jason, Ryan and I checked around to see that everything was in place, then worked ourselves back through the walls and back to the old shed. Since Russell had mentioned time, it dawned incest bbs toplist jpg on me that I had no concept of time while I was here in 2090. I went over to the platform and pulled back the tarp over the controls. The kids were curious and watched my every move. I pushed a small button on the control panel. A digital display lit up with the numbers 08-18-2090 / 22:15:45 Hrs. DAMN! I had been fucking around for eight days. Come to think of it, I've been missing in 1990 for eight days. I had told no one of my plans, not even Jimmy. This was to be just a weekend trip. Ha! I didn't anticipate finding these kids and falling in love with them. I began to get that clammy feeling that something was about to happen I wouldn't like. I had to get on with the show. I set an alarm function on the clock to sound in time for me to make my appointment at Mountcastle Main. I turned to the boys and asked for their input on my plan. We took our clothes off to cool down in the August heat, then sat down on top of our sleeping bags and talked for about two hours more. It was Jason that broke the tension when he changed the subject."Hey Ryan," he said winking at him. "Come outside with me will ya."Naked Jason and Naked Ryan got up to go outside and disappeared beyond the light range of Jason's lantern. I didn't protest. I just sat there continuing to think about my plan of attack. My train of thought was interrupted by the sound of pee hitting the rock behind the shed. When the sound stopped, Ryan was first to return through the door. There, through the dark distance to the platform from the door, Ryan said,"Jason said I was to be first to experience with you.""Experience with me?" I said."With those finger cots you told us about," he said."Come here, my friend," I said. "Now is the time.I got up to get the container of body lotion and finger cots, then went back to my sleeping bag and laid down. Ryan sat down beside me. I reached out and guided him down on top of me. I kissed him hard on the lips and rested my hand on his little, elwebbs nude cute, hiney, with my finger deep in his crevasse.I asked Ryan to hold on for a minute, while I put body lotion all over our bodies. I paid attention to his little hardening shaft until it was as stiff as possible. From time to time, I would brush across his anus to facilitate the event. I reached over to pull out a finger cot from the box. I rolled it out full and started to put it on Ryan's penis. Ryan jumped a little and pulled back. I kissed him and told him to relax. Ryan then allowed me to put the finger cot on his little, hard, uncut, penis. It was a perfect fit. I couldn't believe it. Ryan was hard and fully extended. The tip of his penis filled the end of the finger cot nicely. I kissed him again."What's that do?" little alfa kidz bbs he asked.It's for our protection, Ryan." I explained "Trust bbs illegal ru me."I turned over and laid down on my front."Ok, Ryan." I said. "Lie down on top of me, face down."As Ryan mounted me, I reached back to my crevasse and pulled it open slightly, so that Ryan could lay his little hard shaft along it. Ryan laid flat on top of me, then kissed me."Lift your butt up just a little, Ryan," I said, "and follow my lead."I reached down behind me and maneuvered Ryan's little shaft down slightly, until the tip touched the outer rim of my anus. I could feel the walls of my rectum open to accept the intruder."Now Ryan," I said. "Lower your butt gently. Allow your little hard shaft to go into my anal cavity."Ryan's breathing pattern changed as I guided his little shaft into my anal cavity. The walls of my anus closed tight around Ryan's shaft. The mere presence of it there, gave me a good feeling, all over. I removed my hand from the junction of our bodies and stretched and strained until I could comfortably place it on Ryan's firm, round, little, butt. I placed my middle finger along his deep crevasse and forced it down until I touched his little anus. With the application of a slight pressure, half my middle finger disappeared into Ryan's sensitive anal cavity. Ryan jumped upon its' initial entrance, but he got used to it. He reached out and squeezed my arms, then kissed me"How do you feel, friend?" I asked."I'm tingling all over," he said. "It feels good.Every nerve I had was tingling and I felt good, too. The next education was about to begin, dear Ryan, oh lovely, little, Ryan."Remember how you sort of pumped on me the other night, outside? Try to do that again."I could feel bbs insest forums links Ryan put pressure on his lower torso, lifting his pelvic area up and pulling his little shaft with it. Then he lowered his abdomen back to its' original position. I could feel his little shaft rubbing the walls of my rectum. My breathing was getting faster and my nerves were screaming. I gave Ryan an instruction."You're doing fine, my friend. Continue to do that until you feel you have to go faster, then do. In and out, that's it carefully, in and out."My finger was in concert with Ryan's rhythm. I was slowly pulling my finger in and out of his anal cavity with each up and down stroke of Ryan's little, hard, so firmly packed, penis, that was in my wanting anal cavity.Ryan's breathing began to get faster. Each stroke of his penis into me, was with more force. I could feel his pulsing heartbeat on my back and in his shaft."Let it flow, Ryan," I said. "Let it flow. It's ok. Roll with it."Ryan was ready. I could feel his little penis pulse once, then twice, and then again. Ryan's Life Force was released into the finger cot. My senses were in concert with our rhythm. The instant I felt the first pulse, my Life Force pulsed out onto the sleeping bag below me. Ryan stopped pumping me and just went flat against me, letting out a gasp of air. His heart was still racing and he was still breathing hard. I didn't say a word, then finally, he did."That was good. I liked that. Does what we did have a name?""Yes," I said, "It does. However, I hesitate to tell you, because the sound of the word in no way describes the beautiful act.""Please?" Ryan said. "Please?""Let's get out of this position, then I'll tell you." I responded.Ryan gently pulled his little, hard, shaft out of my anal cavity and rolled over to my right. I turned to face him, kissed him on the lips and began to gently pull the finger cot from around his cute, little shaft."If you must know," I said, "it's referred to as fucking. Sounds horrible, doesn't it?""Why's it called that?" Ryan asked."I don't know," I said. "The word is older than you and me, put together. It's been used to describe this beautiful expression of our love for one another, long before I was born.""Well I don't care," he said. "I like fucking. Can we do it again?""Let's rest a few minutes and cool down. You need to build up more of your Life Force before you go again. Also, you may want to wash off first in the water hole. Besides, Jason is out there all by himself."No he's not," a voice out of the dark said. "He's right here watching over you."The cgi free bbs teen sound of his voice startled me, as if I had been caught doing something wrong. I was a little embarrassed, but Ryan laughed and so did Jason. Ryan stood up and went out the door toward the water hole. Jason came up on the platform and sat down beside me. My Life Force was all over my sleeping bag, so I grabbed a towel to wipe it up. I looked over at Jason, pulled him toward me, and kissed him."What did you think?" I asked.Jason didn't say a word. Somehow, I knew what he thought. He threw his arms around me and held me tight. He pulled me down like an old rag doll. We stretched out, face to face, and kissed passionately. Jason was ready to emulate his friend and confidant, Ryan. Our respective penis's were taut and sensitive to the touch. I reached for the body lotion and replenished the supply in my crevasse, then I applied it to all of Jason's strategic areas. I started to put a finger cot on his slender shaft, but then he said,"Here, let me do it.""You're the boss," I said, handing the finger cot to him.Jason placed